Why a primer for adults?

Have you ever had a blank-slate beginning student who falls farther and farther behind as the other students, even "beginners," learn successfully from all-English books and exercises?

Run to the Bus: An Adult ESL Primer imparts a core of basic English, which serves as an “adhesive” for more English. This is vital for blank-slate students, for until they have this foundation, the language they hear is not comprehensible enough to stick. Run to the Bus jump-starts the acquisition of this basic foundational language.

Blank-slate students are often poorly served by standard low-level books. Most of these books have one or more of these drawbacks:

  • Overly-difficult stories
  • Overly-complicated exercises
  • Insufficient repetition
  • This primer is organized into sixteen units, each with an illustrated story followed by three exercises. All stories are written with much repetition of high-frequency vocabulary and sentence patterns. This helps imprint the language on low beginners, giving them both the confidence and the context to acquire more language.

    To facilitate the teaching of multi-level classes, this book comes with an audio CD, making it possible for the teacher to circulate between groups, teaching some while others follow the lessons independently.


    Engaging stories teach high-frequency vocabulary in the context of the familiar, sometimes humorous activities of student-characters.


    Illustrations give the students a way to develop mental pictures as they acquire vocabulary.


    The students read words and sentences, then write them by the correct pictures, again acquiring mental pictures for their new vocabulary.